How it Works

Get ready to experience a whole new way to shop for a used cell phone.

Victory Phone has removed the uncertainty of buying used smartphones with appraised pricing based on model and condition and a certified 60-point inspection process.  

In addition, every phone comes with 30-day any reason return and a full 1-year replacement warranty.  

We call it the 'like-new' buying experience  

       Our Conditions  

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This is a like-new device.  Perfect for those who like to brag and perfect for gifting. These devices are our best but still offer a great discount from New prices.

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Devices with some minor signs of wear consistent with the age of the device.  Only the perfectionist will notice the difference.

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If you’re used to putting cases on your phone, then this is the phone for you. Dings and dents should be expected.

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If you’re looking for a fully-functional but cosmetically challenged phone for a great price, this is the phone for you.

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Screen Burn-In

Some pre-owned Samsung models will come with some degree of 'LCD screen burn-in' (a shadow discoloration on the LCD screen's display from previous use that cannot be removed, even with a factory reset).

Based on the phone's graded condition, you should expect varying levels of LCD screen burn in on the screen's display:

  • Excellent Phones will have no screen burn in,

  • Great Phones will have top and bottom notification bar screen burn-in,

  • Good Phones will have a light to medium screen burn-in

  • Fair Phones will have medium to heavy screen burn-in

Due to the difference in screen technology, our iPhones are not affected by this issue.

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In The Box

Many of our customers tell us they already have charging blocks, cables and headphones.  This means we can keep our prices lower by providing our phones as device only.  That means by default, there is no charging block, charging cable or headphones.

If you do need these accessories, you can add them to your order during check-out.